ATV Adventure Tours Los Barriles

Beach trips, snorkeling, waterfalls, and mountain tours through the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains of Baja California Sur

La Cienega Waterfall Tour

Buenos Aires Arroyo, Los Barriles – Lunch: Optional – Tour time approximately 4.5 hrs.
Meet your guide at the QuadGirl palapa and get ready for your adventure tour. Take off on your unit and follow your guide about a mile south to the Rancho Buena Vista arroyo, where you will travel on trails on the back side of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains to the La Cienega waterfall. If you are on an ATV, you will be able to cross the rocks next to the water. If you are on a UTV, you will have to park away from the rocks and walk in a few yards, depending on the level of the pool. Enjoy a climb to the top of the falls, take a dip in the refreshing cool water, and spend time swimming, sunning, enjoying the tranquility and beauty around you. You can pack a lunch or snacks and just enjoy your time – but please be responsible. Make no fires, pack out your trash and don’t contaminate any of the water. Leave no trace. This is a raw and rugged land that is highly regarded by locals and foreigners alike. Abuse of it may be cause for restrictions, fees, and limited access and use in the future.

When it’s time to leave, your guide will lead you down through the Buenos Aires arroyo to the main road in Los Barriles and back to the palapa. If you have chosen the optional lunch after the tour, the guide will take you to one of several great restaurants (which vary with the season) where you will enjoy a delicious variety of food including salad, fresh fish, shrimp, carne, with all the traditional Mexican side accompaniments. This is a great half-day tour that is sure to make lots of happy memories!

Santiago Waterfall Oasis Tour

El Cañón de la Zorra – Lunch: Included – Tour time approximately 5.5 – 6 hrs.
Your tour starts from the Quad Palapa following your guide traveling south on the beach, then through the back roads of Buena Vista and Rancho Leonero until you reach the Santiago arroyo. As you travel up this arroyo, you come to “las cuevas” – the caves (one or two of them are visible from the highway as you come from the airport). You will cross small streams, ride next to ponds of fish, and experience the wild life including the wild horses that live in the arroyo. As you make your way into the little town of Santiago, your next stop will be at the overlook platform, above the town of Santiago. It is genuinely like seeing a “mirage in the desert” with all of the small lakes, wetlands, and vegetation in this desert area, especially since none of this can be seen from the highway.

Hop back on your side-by-side and head for the Sol de Mayo Cascade Ecological Ranch where the waterfall – known as El Cañón de la Zorra – is located. From the ranch, you start your hike down to
the waterfall. The views are fantastic, and the water is cool and refreshing! You can swim and cool off in the deep pools, enjoy nature, and just be away from it all. On the way back, you will stop in Santiago for a delicious lunch with shrimp, carne, fresh grilled fish, homemade tortillas, and more. This is a must do trip!

Rock Paintings of Boca del Alamo

Lunch Included – Tour time approximately 6 hours
There are many ancient rock, cave paintings, petroglyphs, and murals all over Baja, with the majority of them occurring in the sierras of Guadalupe, San Francisco, San Juan, and San
Borja in the central part of the Baja California peninsula. Archeologists have placed the age of these painting at over 7,000 years old! Some of these rock paintings can be seen just north of the little village of Boca de Alamo, which is approximately six miles from the town of El Cardonal. Your tour begins at the palapa and up the paved road to the village of El Cardonal to the little village of Boca del Alamo. Just past the village is a road that leads to a trailhead where you will park and begin the hike to the rock overhang, which extends out about 10–12 feet. The hike is not too steep and there are plenty of places to stop, catch your breath, and appreciate the beauty of the Sierra de La Lagunas and the gorgeous view of Bahia de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead).
Archeologists have estimated the particular paintings in Boca del Alamo to be over 800 years old, painted by the pre-Columbian Cochimi tribes that inhabited the Baja peninsula. The rock art of Baja is considered to be one of the most important groupings of prehistoric rock paintings in the world. And how extremely fortunate we are to have a collection of this ancient prehistoric art so
close by.

Punta Pescadero Tour

Beach Ride and Snorkeling Tour – Lunch Included – Tour time approximately 5 hrs.
Meet your guide and start your tour at the quad palapa. Travel north up the “beach road” where you will discover hidden deserted white sand beaches, a fantastic shell beach well worth exploring, secret snorkeling spots, and excellent shore fishing. As you travel farther north, you will begin to see clustered rock formations out in the water. These areas can be outstanding places to stop and try out your snorkeling gear. You will experience close-up water views and picturesque views of the entire East Cape on your trip. The views are truly incredible and there is something new to discover around every corner! As you approach Punta Pescadero, you will see reefs everywhere with big, smooth gray rocks protruding above the surface. Extending out from in front of the hotel is a marvelous fishing and snorkeling reef that is at least three-quarters of a mile out! Once you reach your destination at Punta Pescadero Paradise Hotel, you will walk down to the beach to snorkel, explore the tide pools, swim, or just relax under one of the palapas and enjoy a cold drink. The aquatic life in the Sea of Cortez is fascinating for both adults and children and wearing polarized sunglasses will allow you to see the incredible underwater life that inhabits the tide pools and the reef.

Enjoy a deliciously prepared lunch at the hotel before enjoying your leisurely trip back to Los Barriles. A fun-filled, active packed trip that is great for kids and adults!

Combination Tour – Boca del Alamo Rock Paintings and Punta Pescadero Snorkel Tour

Lunch Included – Tour time approximately 7 – 8 hours
The tour starts from the QuadGirl quad palapa at 10:00 AM where you will meet your guide for orientation. You will travel through Los Barriles and make your way up the paved road to El Cardonal (known locally as The Road to Nowhere) climbing through the mountains where you will have sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez. Your first stop will be in El Cardonal on the way to Boca del Alamo
where you can grab a cold drink at Cielito Lindo Restaurant located inside the Las Terrazas Hotel. (This will be where you will have lunch. )
You will continue on to the little village of Boca Del Alamo, park your units, and hike up to the rock paintings, while enjoying the views of Bahia los Muerto (Bay of the Dead) and the Sierra de La
Lagunas. Finish off your tour with lunch at Cielito Lindo Restaurant where you will enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in in a casual, colorful setting with friendly, cheerful people as your hosts.
After lunch, your guide will take you through the little town of El Cardonal on the beach road to the Punta Pescadero Hotel. There you will enjoy snorkeling, exploring the tidepools, and swimming in the crystal-clear water. Enjoy cold drinks at the hotel before you start back. As you travel back on the beach road to Los Barriles, the incredible East Cape landscape with its bays and beaches will be a picture postcard of delight. Stop at the shell beach and collect a few treasures from your days’ adventure. As you make your drive back, marvel at the beautiful homes perched on the edge of the cliffs. End your fun-filled adventurous day at the quad palapa with memories and a trip to last a lifetime! (NOTE: This tour may not be suitable for younger children. While it is not physically demanding, parents should be prepared to bring activities to occupy their children on the ride up and back. Teens and adults will enjoy the variety of the tour and the different activities they experience.

What’s Included:

  • Personal Guide
  • ATV or UTV rental (your rental can be extended for additional days)
  • Map
  • Cold bottled water in coolers
  • Face/dust masks
  • Goggles (loaners or available for purchase)
  • Lunch
  • Fees

**Snorkeling gear, beach umbrellas, and RTIC coolers are available to rent at the quad palapa. We also have SUP’s (stand‐up paddle boards) available for rent.  Please inquire!

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